Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It Don't Come Easy, You Know It Don't Come Easy

Nothing feels easy this year.  Riding my bike is just a tiny bit less enjoyable and harder on the knees. Getting it up mentally so to speak for the same job every year is definitely a hardship.  I have found every creative way to consider the work interesting, but my spirit at this point is using it's entire life's breathe to shake my lifeless body out of it's apparent spiritual coma.  Coming home and whipping up exciting dinners afterwards is also feeling tiresome.  I need to elevate my cooking skills but it has not been the priority.
An egg cooked on low heat over a leftover pizza slice is still one of the most amazing breakfast ideas of the century. Especially this spinach mushroom slice with truffle oil and Parmesan. 

Its embarrassing to talk about my desire for change for so long that its only a reminder of just how hard I fail each year to make even the smallest adjustments to routines.  Somehow I did manage to begin regularly bringing my lunch to work, something I tried to do for years.  But I'll admit, the shift was forced because the food had become fairly inedible.  So unexpected happenings occur out of your control sometimes and strong-arm the shift.  One thing about change though is it's not guaranteed to look good on arrival.  It may suck so hard that it takes the life out of you for weeks.  It may bring you to your damned knees.  But any disruption to the flow imparts shifts and I guess you just have to have faith that with the right intentions, good will come of it.  Because what's the alternative?

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