Thursday, September 5, 2019

Many Thangs is On My Mind, Words in the Way

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P went off on a road trip and I found myself with a day off and an amazing movie that I took in solo and in the early afternoon.  This movie has everything, Mexican cartel, orphaned children, ghosts,  an interesting lady filmmaker Issa Lopez, in the style of Guillermo del Toro, a personal favorite.

Sitting there in my choice seat, I ordered one of their fancy shakes and a bowl of Herbed Truffle Parmesan Popcorn and it was delicious!  This is one of those things that I never thought I would enjoy doing.  To take myself to the movies where I pick the flick and order exactly what I want.  It was fantastic actually. The movie was inspiring and I loved the child actors.  The dreaminess of the world they created was much better than expected. 
I got word around this time that my nephew was to do his 6th tour of duty and was being sent to Iraq.  Since then unfortunately another couple of his Apache pilots that were under his command in Fort Hood, were killed in Afghanistan. And this kind of news is frequent for him.  It's a reminder how families around the country are silently turned upside down constantly with worry and grief.   When you have the luxury of sitting in an air-conditioned movie theater these days (I feel it anyway), you feel a real privilege for the ability to tune out the problems of the world.  Here I was reclined in a giant seat, completely comfortable with good snacks and sweets, enjoying a wondrous freedom.  I remember being so awkward trying to express my thanks to him but also curious about what was appropriate to say, like what do real military want to hear from idiot civilians.  Very kindly he said that he wishes more people were educated on our ongoing conflict.  Sounded like they've all heard enough of 'thank you for your service' although he's super humble and kind about it.  Its hard for me to ingest let along understand the news especially military information, so instead I've been taking moments out during some of my various freedoms to give thanks to him and all our other soldiers out there. 

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