Friday, January 4, 2019

Lord Help Me, I Can't Change

Pelicana Chicken is a Korean chain so it was an odd choice for a date but it's a block away, it's new and a spicy hot fried chicken sandwich is a draw for me, not gonna lie.  I hate the banners and the many stickers on the windows, especially on a cute neighborhood building.  Why is a chicken restaurant named after another bird, or does it have a different meaning? In Spanish it means to have gray hairs.   Regardless, every spot has failed and moved on in this location, so it was important to support them.
The batter is really good, super crispy and light.  Everything was fried so this can't be a regular spot but a nice take out or delivery card to pull out in the future for a treat.
The prices were reasonable considering the neighborhood's competitors.
The sandwiches were awesome too and the sauces were on point.  The spice was right and I loved the proportions with regards to tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and the meat to bun ratio.  There really is an art to putting together a good sandwich.
The interior was wild.  Nicer inside then you'd expect, lots of sparkles.  But it was super early and January so we were the only patrons.  Still I'm not sure I'd want to sit in again, but definitely will continue to patronize.  Right before we left the dinner crowd came pouring in.  Looks like the young high school and stroller variety.  I am a creepy asshole snob for saying but man I just hate being in restaurants with strollers.

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