Monday, January 7, 2019

I Lock Out All My Worries and My Fears

I found impossibly large Portobella mushrooms at my vegetable market and a great inspirational recipe.  Recipes can be a great motivator to rev up your own ideas.  The actual recipe, most likely amazing was not used but it did sway me to create this spinach and sausage pesto cap over marinara sauce.
P was gone recently and now he's safely tucked back into his 5 x 7 room.  Yes, for New Yorkers its a major bonus to have one of these 1/2 rooms attached to a 1 bedroom.  His has a window and separate door even, which is rare.  He stays in there for sometimes 8 hours at a time, for days and days.  And it has been this way for years. Through time I've felt different ways about this behavior both bad and good.  He writes songs, plays music, records, makes movies and sometimes just watches sports.  He has a full command central type of set up including new gadgets endlessly delivered from Amazon.  I don't want that room and I get the run of the rest of the place so there is no issue regarding space.  I understand that it's common for men to want a separate area, the dreaded man-cave but this is not that exactly.  If he didn't have it, we would not be living together not because we'd argue constantly, but that might happen too.  It's where he can create and if he's not creating he's not a happy person.  Thank goodness I can create in any room and also enjoy my solo time more than the average Jo-lene.
Because I never venture in that room, I started to really believe there was an entire world on the other side of that door.  I refused to clean it so it's very rare that I enter.  It remained full of mystery.  Until recently he was gone on a trip an I had the opportunity to fetch coffee cups left to fester with science experiments growing in the bottom.  I picked them up and just stood looking around at all the little stuff, careful not to disturb anything.  Even though it was messy, wires everywhere, pieces of wood nailed to the walls, guitars hung on ropes, there was a beautiful calmness to it.  If you were to open up his brain it may look similar.  Men are weird.  P's is a little strange.  That room is a wilderness.  I'm glad there is a place that he can go in this world that accommodates all of that chaotic energy that he puts off and that it seems to fit in a tiny 5 x 7 room. 
Inspirational recipe

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