Tuesday, November 8, 2016

You Say You a Got Real Solution, Well, You Know, We'd All Love to See the Plan

We try not to order whole pizzas anymore so we order slices and then cut them in two.  Sometimes I tell Patrick to pick them knowing he'll bring home much healthier choices than I would.  And almost every time he brings back at least one oddity wedge that I have to sit and ponder.  Usually I end up loving it. Still when craving pizza, automatically I think of pepperoni, big NY drippy slices, too much cheese and lots of tangy sauce. There's nothing nutritious in my equation.  Vegetables and pizza are contradictions. Veggie slices are not quite the dream I imagine but this one was amazing.  Perfectly grilled bell peppers, broccoli steamed to the brightest perfection and then as a 'this can't work' surprise, sweet potato sliced very thin.  That tiny bit of roasted sweetness just hit that cheese in it's G-spot!  Amazingly right. No sauce but a nice thin layer of cheese and good olive oil.  The crust is more of a cracker consistency, which I love. I admit, a better choice.
And afterwards, even though a bit indulgent, the gut doesn't revolt. 
Speaking of revolting, someone that I love dearly got their pick this election.  Trump was thier choice.  One they made consciously and clearly.  It was not a matter of the lesser of two evils but instead for them, the only way to break the cycle of bigger government and perceived or real corruption within the Clinton administration.  In the early stages I defended them by saying they are just reading between the lines when Trump so eloquently states his positions.  They heard much needed action around controlling borders instead of Mexican immigrants being rapists.  Their fears of terrorism were soothed when he talked about not allowing in more refugees.  I assume they squirmed many times listening to him though.  I hope they did.  I heard nothing from them after all the female comments and scandals.  Calling women pigs and rating them by numbers.  Nothing after mocking a disabled person or picking a fight with the parents of a dead soldier. This was someone running for our highest position!  What were they thinking then? I know I just felt sick to my stomach.  I was so self assured that no christian conservative would EVER have any of this. I can't speak for them and I'm not yet ready to speak to them but I imagine their priorities were far away from all those social issues.  They must have been so very focused on the end result.  A 'by any means necessary' approach against Clinton. I do believe, I have to believe if I ever want to sleep again, that for them, it was all about blocking Clinton.

I was not a Clinton supporter, nor was I a'gin her.  I really wanted to feel the woman power but you have to be honest, she did not speak to me and I did not find her especially sincere or bring female traits that I admire.  However, I didn't need her to be my bestie, just to keep us safe, make sound decisions, be trustworthy and not take away my social security.  I tried to fall in line, gathering a case for my own eventual support. But being a woman in the work force, I could see big blunders in her campaign as well.  I thought she was smarter than this?  She seemed so out of touch with today.  Her old school line of thought that just working really hard is key and listing past accomplishments was so outdated.  We needed to hear what she was going to do 'differently', how she stood out and why.  Even how being a woman mattered. How she would really represent change for more people, and for God's sake not give us speeches that could have come out of a handbook. Instead she pointed to a chart of a straight line.  I didn't want to hear one elite tone come from her lips but I did, I heard a few.  Bernie won my heart and confidence.  There was conviction in his voice and I felt such a burst of fresh air.  He was speaking to us, not at us.  He was with us.  He was one of us. And he pointed out huge issues that needed to be changed and in fact the whole game had to, a revolution was needed. After that, nothing felt right about Hilary for me.  As a matter of fact, I felt semi-bullied to vote for her, truth be told.  Even up to her ending speech I had so many doubts.  Was she trustworthy? One of my basic requirements.  I read dozens of articles and then their debunk counterparts.  I am not someone who's paid a whole lot of attention to these things in the past.  I was off getting laid and having fun.  Something I want to get back to doing again and quickly.  Was she going to keep us safe?  Folks that seem to live and breathe this information were sure that she would not.  Did I get a sour taste in my mouth when she spoke of her connection to the black community?  Yes. Did I squirm a little when she played the woman card at inappropriate times?  Yes.  What choice did I have when my media stream screamed for me to pull the trigger on hate and intolerance.  I panicked.

In the end, I did vote for her, albeit begrudgingly.  So today, given a week to mope and ponder, some time even spent consoling the wounded who truly believe the world around them has changed and behind every half smile could lurk a closet racist ready to take away every right they've fought so hard to acquire. I have to wonder if I myself committed the exact same wrong doing as my Trump supporter who was just trying to keep Clinton out. That special person who was deaf to the hate rhetoric and the belittling of women and soldiers and Muslims.  That person who somehow stepped over all the crushed spirits of gays and blacks and children who knew the adults would surely crush a bully.  That person who was fighting for what their eyes see each day, lack of jobs, people doing the right thing but not making ends meet, the democratic party blind to the middle and working class who's cities are falling, our infrastructure crumbling but our leaders are making millions off speeches to the corporations that are killing us.  The liberal elites who seem to care more about the rights of our guests then their own people who need attention and help too. Somewhere in the middle, a lot of people are earnestly desperate for change.  So I have to ask myself, was I so noble to appoint and accept who was only the better masked evil?  I am not in a position to pass judgement on a Trump supporter.  However I am in a position to judge Trump and every moves he makes while working for me....and you.

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