Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Else Should I Be? All Apologies

I'm confused, is it weak to need people? Before I reach out to anyone lately I think first, what do I really want from them and am I right to ask?  Usually I don't bother because it feels all letchy and feeble to be in a position of vulnerability.  I tire out before I even begin to understand my inclinations.  I was taught not to ask for support. My mom and dad had a real thing with not bothering people, leaving people alone was sort of the most charitable thing you could do.  I try to just join the humans when I can be cool.  Usually I believe you have everything necessary inside yourself or you should anyway.
But if you test that same theory it doesn't work with food.  I need a beef steak once in a while, no apologies.  This is fact.  I desire pasta but white flour products proved to be like a bad boyfriend, toxic to the gut, so now I suppress that urge but in my heart I know I could get down with a huge heaping bowl.  Pizza makes me happy.  Tacos are gifts from God.  All of this doctrine is tight.  I never have to question my stomach.  But your mind is another animal all together.
I felt the need to find something to do with Thanksgiving leftovers incorporating a pound of ground pork that I had thawed.  Homemade pork meatballs with turkey gravy hit mountains higher than my expectations and the cranberry relish mixed in with the brown rice made the perfect bite.
These pork meatballs hit the spot.  In place of bread crumbs I used the residual pumpkin corn bread stuffing with all the built in magic.

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