Thursday, August 11, 2016

We Can Wok it Out

After 'wokking it wrong' about a million times I remembered that once I sat and watched the Mexican guys at the Chinese take out place make fried rice. They use a lot more oil and begin with white rice at the right consistency.  At home I can't get the wok nearly as hot as it needs to be to get that nutty hardness.  But I try.  I made the hole in the middle of the wok for the egg, scrambled those in the center before stirring them into the rice.  This lends more solid egg clusters separated from the rice and not clinging to it.

Still wasn't correct.  However, it was closer.  This was a Mexican take on Fried Rice.  Leftover Mexican Brown Rice with shredded carrots, jalapeno and cilantro to replace the green onions.  I think next time I will do individual portions.  That will help to achieve the higher heat and quick cooking time, with less oil required to get this right.  Finally.

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