Friday, August 12, 2016

Got to Get You Into My Life

A recent obsession are these nitrate-free Aidell's meatballs.  They are super tasty and wonderfully helpful for busy nights or lazy rushed dinners.  There are several flavors that you can theme to your sides.  I used these Habenero & Green Chile balls with a quick chipotle tomato sauce to serve over my Mexican brown rice.
A side of quick spicy hot garlic spinach and the deed is done. 
These will always be super tempting to use but more than anything, they inspired me to experiment later with making my own meatballs, using better fillers like oatmeal or flax seed, some leftover grain. The fillers ideas are endless and a great way to use up all the already spiced up remnants of previous meals.  Not only that but I'm a sucker for themed food.  Asian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Thanksgiving, Spring, and the list goes on and on!

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