Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I Enjoy Being a Girl

I wish I'd learn to treat myself to lively, witty female companions more often.  Melissa is a genuinely kind positive person and I really enjoy conversations with her.  She's a girl's girl.  A girl that surrounds herself with things other girls admire and recognize. She reads good books and keeps up on interesting trends  She's a girl for which one could easily buy sweet gifts.  And considerate.  She actually bought a CD for me to give to P.  She's a woman you call a girl, because she's positive and light.  I see things at work all the time and imagine them in her home, like cups with cats painted on them.

We were to see Teddy Thonpson at City Winery. I was just as excited about the show as the venue. A place I always wanted to go but didn't.  And they serve food. A nice person came and gave us a free sampler of wine. I was not down for a full on dinner but wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to sample the fare. On the appetizer menu was a flatbread that incidentally ate like a meal.  And because I never eat bread, (confession: this week alone I had it like five times), I ordered the warm pita with hummus and olives.  The waitress concurred there can never be too much bread.  I've convinced my conscience that good bread is just fine and probably good for me... here and there.  But my gut immediately reminds me that's a bunch of hooey as I feel my muffin top inflate.

Sometimes I wish I was a sane girl like Miss M instead of this half-rate aging, neurotic, female Woody Allen Sybil hybrid that I've become.
I enjoyed the show though.

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