Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I Want to Be the One to Walk in the Sun

In a parallel universe I launched a successful business in cities across the US called Girly Pasta.  An idea for a franchise business that quickly took off and branched out into several locations.  Each with its own local flavor and offerings.  I work as a consultant to keep each of the sites organic and original.  This a place for girls to take their best bud or sister, pig out on pasta and chat.  It's fun and homey with cushy comfortable seating and candles, flowers and cats.  The space mocks an inviting living room since that's where most girls enjoy their plates at home.  Some even little separate themed areas to pick from.  One with a record player to play albums.  One a sunroom with lots of plants and light.  Another dark to watch a movie on a big screen TV while curled up on chaise lounges with complimentary throws.
Girls love their pasta and most have their go to recipes and special sauces, pastas for solitude, and ones for celebrating. There is fast spaghetti and nights where you hover over a pot for hours.  I have always loved meat sauce with mushrooms and onions, lots of garlic in a slow cooked spicy tomato sauce that hugs buttered noodles and no one will ever beat that.  But I also love fresh tomatoes and basil, lemon and garlic slivers slightly sauteed with good olive oil and Parmesan to finish.  And every pasta or zoodle dish in between.
It's a female thang.  Maybe it's the pasta that is girly.  It's pretty and thoughtful. It's friendly and light.  Large heaping wads of sunshine and freshness in a big bowl with grated cheese on top.
In a post-Trump disrespecting, lady hating world it's a nice thought to celebrate the girl.  The trusting, giving, sharing, sometimes sweet, smiling girl.  The Girl. The softer side of real women.  We know what's up.  We're not stupid.  We see all the dark.  We see the injustice.  We bleed, literally.  When you treat us like shit, it bothers us, a lot.  But we also see that in order to make it through there has to be some shine.  We know how important it is to laugh and be silly.  We still pass out smiles like single roses to strangers in need for free.
We deserved, along with so many other groups to get a better leader, someone who respects and advocates women and knows inherently that females are far more than a number or something to rate or grab at will.  But this just highlighted to me how everyday men in our lives need to step up as well.  They too have been a little void of acknowledging just how important and deserving females are to the big picture.  In general this year I just find myself sitting on story after story of friends, bosses, husbands, relatives, fathers, and brothers dropping the ball.  They really should all consider these tender mercies given them by the good women in their lives and to think... how have I responded in return?   Do you take the time to reach out?  Or do you stay selfishly withdrawn? Do you take your wife to dinner occasionally to show her how much you appreciate all those special meals she makes you most nights?  Do you sing her praises to a stranger even when she can't hear you?  Do you thank your granddaughter for her endless sacrifices?  Do you thank your sister for her deep concern and homemade soups?  Do you thank your daughter for her forgiving nature in letting you into her precious life that you don't deserve?   Do you consider how a small kind gesture goes a very long way?  That's all we really want.

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