Monday, February 29, 2016

To All the Gourds I've Loved Before

This isn't the first time I stuffed and baked an acorn squash but I thought it was the whole time I was doing it. Then I remembered that was actually the whole reason I chose to try it again, because it was so much better than I had imagined.
I took out the seeds, cleaned and dried them before seasoning and toasting them in the oven to put on top of my crunchy cabbage slaw.
Freshly chopped cabbage, red onions, tomatoes with cilantro, jalapenos and lime juice.
I made a quick chili with pinto beans, chilies and ground turkey.
The best thing about this impressive looking dinner was that I made it after work and in less than an hour's time.  To save time I prebaked the squash and then just put the chili in and topped with one slice of vegan cheese to melt in the oven for five minutes before serving.

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