Saturday, February 13, 2016

You Better Think, Let Your Mind Go, Let Yourself Be Free

Superbowl Sunday
 You never know what you're going to be served up in life.  I took the day off and woke up with a building migraine that grew after sampling my baked goods for breakfast.  Seemed like a good idea at the time. We were inviting friends and considering asking more.  I get a bad message that my sister had an accident the night before and was in the hospital.  Party mode stopped.  I get all the details, migraine goes full blown and I take shelter in bed for an hour to let the storm pass.
 You can't truly celebrate after you know someone you care for is in pain. She was being cared for, but surgery was planned.  I cancel plans.  Most everything was prepped and ready to go, so snacks were brought out sort of half heartedly throughout the day.
 Roasted spicy chick peas. Let them get crunchy, they are better than nuts.  Greek nachos on melba toast. A hummus layer on bottom with cucumber, tomato, red onion and feta with lots of lemon and parsley on top.
 White bean dip with crudite platter and not pictured, black olive pate.
This was my fun and one decadent idea. Pan pizza with a crust made out of roasted polenta! I premade the polenta the night before, pushed it flat in a pan and let it set in fridge overnight.  Then put in oven to get a little crispy before adding sauce, sausage, mushrooms, onions and black olives, with Mozz and Parm of course and fresh oregano.  A favorite combo of toppings.  This was special.  
We ate this right before halftime. I cleaned up and was ready to just sort of jelly, daydream and consider my sister, let me head calm it's ass down. The color explosion that was Coldplay was about what I expected. They're a band I don't not like but certainly would never listen to an album.  I'm tortured with their songs all week at my job thanks to Pandora Radio.  Thank goodness Bruno Mars came to bring some much needed life and he's such a great entertainer.  Everything hits me late though.  What's with all the colors and flowers?  P tells me, SF, Gay Pride...oh, got it.  Huh.
 But then before I could decide if all the flowers were too weird as a nod to gay pride, .....Beyonce!  It was less than 3 minutes I believe but she comes from the school of Michael Jackson 'bringing it', doesn't she?  All present. All purpose that gal.  And again, it hit me slower the Black Panther motif. I hadn't heard her single yet, so I was trying to hear the lyrics.  Seemed powerful. Although after checking online I heard half the lyrics wrong.  And her dancing! Dang.  
Immediate outrage ensues.  But for an artistic performance like this, I hope that is the goal, to provoke and engage conversation over important issues.  She did just that although how people could be so offended to me is a little over the top.  The average person doesn't even know enough about the Black Panthers.  The anti-cop accusation, I don't see it.  With that thinking then why isn't Coldplay's performance seen as anti-straight?  Her song, as far as I can tell, is partially about coming from nothing and possibly becoming the next Bill Gates.  That's empowerment.  She was in SF.  It is the 50th Anniversary of the BPP's formation.  Mario Woods. Black Lives Matter. It's Black History Month.  Beyonce, um is a 'Uge black celebrity,  has a new single that ties into her performance, and all of this present history.  Everyone with a conscious should be joining in the protest of police brutality and racial profiling, even the good cops.   I thought this was a positive, strength building artistic performance and the good side of bullshit pop music.  She is a pop star by the way, so why are we shunning growth in this area?  Would we like her better as a cheerleader, assuming no responsibility, no respect for the times we're living in?  Does anyone remember Katy Perry's performance?  Is that what you want?  Let's put this into perspective people.  Sure I would have personally loved to see Metallica, a direct tie in to SF, maybe even an old rocker guest star like Carlos Santana.  But why shouldn't music lead some of the change in this revolution we keep talking about but not having? And what better place than the biggest national sports event? I say good on her, it was a brave move given the unique position she is in.

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