Monday, August 10, 2015

One Thing Leads to Another

One of my favorite choices at Republic is the Sauteed Beef Salad with cold rice noodles, onion, tomato, mint, bean sprouts, peanut, scallions and shallots.  
Just thinking of it right now makes me hungry and I just ate a huge bowl of hot oatmeal with nuts and raisins.
I'm trying to eat less meat, cutting out most pork, most beef.  But you know what that leaves you 
with?  As far as affordable choices anyway.  Chicken and Turkey.  The ground versions of course being 
easiest, fastest and versatile.  BUT...a girl can run out of ideas.  When she's weak mind you.  This is why I pay attention to everyone's food, at restaurants, on posts, shared pics, recipe articles, books, TV shows and street foods, magazines, you name it.  I have my eyes on your fries.  You have to keep feeding the brainchild or she tends to takes long naps.  
Black bean noodles, ground turkey, sprouts, mint, cold tomatoes, onions topped with a splash of rice 
vinegar and a little olive oil.   Really good.  A dish inspired by another sometimes becomes a brand new treasure.  A totally different taste sensation then Republic's but nonetheless a good change of pace.  And who doesn't love a bowl?

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