Friday, August 14, 2015

Can't Get There From Here

I'm so backed up in my writing that I have to think back two months now on these pictures to remember their stories.  But this one I do remember because I was very excited to make this stuffed chicken breast recipe I had found online.  The image was gorgeous.  I bought everything I needed to make it after work that week.  I rode home thinking about the picture.  I had good plump chicken breasts thawing.  ....Or so I thought.
I came home and no, no it wasn't chicken breasts thawing. It was actually ground turkey. Shit.
So I ran to the corner market. I'm so lucky to have all these gourmet markets and a major grocery store within one or two blocks.  I love Brooklyn for this!  However, breaking it down for reals as they say...I don't step into Green Grape unless I'm desperate.  It's like a 20 something bar scene in there.  Cute, young, hip, happy people that I cannot relate to. I stay far away.  And I have to mentally prepare for PathMark because it's a trip down fucked up lane sometimes.  I won't go into it because at this very moment it's transforming into a beautiful butterfly Stop and Shop and I have big hopes for a promised land, but it got ugly towards the end. Real ugly.  I like my Garden Market.  The corner market. They'll have some!  They installed that nice meat fridge last year.  Oh, guess what?  Cooler is down.  Cooler is empty. No chicken breast.  Damn! Hunger had set in. But I'm too sweaty and uncute to face the Grape.  Had to improvise.  I looked at all their high priced gourmet packaged meats and found a nice sun dried tomato chicken sausage that was nitrate free and I figured, I could do something with it.  I'll make the chicken another night.
But then I just couldn't let go of that image on the recipe for this amazing stuffed chicken. You know when you've already gone a second too far to turn back? So even though technically it was really a stretch, I had to make this dish.
And I did. And it was goooooooood.  It was pizza good.  It was special.  And it was a very pleasant surprise.
Happy accidents in life and in the kitchen.


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