Saturday, August 15, 2015

When the Rain Washes You Clean You'll Know

There are certain lines that you read from books or poems or lyrics from songs that stick with you throughout your life.  Maybe because they are true.  Maybe they are just true for you. Or maybe they make perfect sense for that particular time in your life.  It's hard to know what's true, the closer you get to it.  One day you wake up and something feels so very real and the next, it's entirely oblique.
You think with your mind but I gotta believe your heart and soul are always whispering secrets and dropping philosophy in it's ear.  A favorite line of mine from The Misfits is when Marilyn says 'maybe it's not fair to believe what people say, maybe it's not even fair to them'.  And then something I read last week has struck another chord.  'When someone shows themselves to you, believe them'.  The opposite of what I've ever wanted to accept.  I get wild romantic notions that people are full of enchantment and mystery and all it takes to bring it out is to recognize it.  And for much of my life, I think that has been true.  I've always been keen to a layer that we normally don't gain access to.  You have to really pay attention to that glimmer in someone's eyes, that knowing smile or something they say and then you are able to feel it.
If you're religious you believe that God is in you. If you don't believe in God, you feel that in ways, you are God, since nothing exists that is greater than you.  Either way, it could be that perfect love does live in each of us.  Ideal versions of our imperfect selves, wanting to break out and be free.  And maybe that's what I see, the deep longing. The hope of something that wants to explode but can't for whatever reason.  Maybe we all hold just a tiny piece of it.  
Basing your own reality on exactly what people show you is probably way more brave than any of my crazy notions.

I braved the decaying PathMark and settled on a braised chicken with artichoke and olives recipe I found. This is the perfect dish to get that seasoning in the sweet spot and it will comfort you into the night whoever you are and whatever you believe.

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