Sunday, August 2, 2015

Whenever I Call You Friend

I love how someone you don't know in some far off distant land can come up with a simple new recipe and then you try it and its just what you were craving.  So magical.
That is what happened with this recipe I found on a site for easy summer quick meals.  Cannellini beans, red onion (I had sweet), green onion, avocado and lemon juice.  The usual s&p, drizzle of oil ending.
I am pretty sure that I believe that all the people in our lives come to us by some inner will of our own.  I don't even exclude the assholes.  My studies on this are not yet complete.  I used to think God sent them all.  But then I sort of nixed that theory because I don't think He micromanages the game like that. I believe He creates the original scene and it is then our responsibility to solve the puzzle He's given us.  I believe we even pick our mothers and when and where we come into the picture.  Some higher part of our consciousness owns abilities to imagine people, send for them, and then we must also recognize them when they get here.  At work for instance maybe all of us have met someone new and got an instant jolt that this person was going to be important in some way, bad or good.  Occasionally it's a surprise. You don't feel anything and later they become your nemesis or your best friend. In those situations I believe you are the one that has entered into their radar.  You are the one that has been summoned.
My evolution happens painstakingly slow with tendencies to regress.  I'm just this past year beginning to see the relevance of humans as they relate to my day to day life.  I feel a strong pull to finally get to know those specific persons that I seemed to have conjured to my party.  It is finally time to cherish them now. It may be too late in some cases but I will be diligent in my persistenceness because I feel it is worth the effort.
In the same way this year I have come to appreciate recipes from other simple cooks.  They provide inspiration, ideas, and stimulate my culinary growth.

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