Monday, August 3, 2015

Through This Open World, I'm Bound to Ramble

I love cooking for dozens of reasons.  One is because there is a start and a finish. An end product, an outcome bad or good. I have issues with time as it relates to the continuum so I appreciate the art of cooking and eating a meal.  There is no gray.  It is straightforward.
I live in the moment but I also have all this backed up living to do.  Somehow, somewhere I fostered the ability to save certain situations in tiny time capsules to later pop open and address. Maybe I wasn't ready or was distracted at the time.  I read that your mind truly does have the capability to preserve memories in this way.  So occasionally I choose to sacrifice moments in the day to let one or two into the ole noggin.  A virtual Pintrest board for feel ya later's.  Miraculously it all comes back with smells and specific details, and emotions.  Mostly these are hard. After all, you don't not live a situation because it's easy.  Maybe you just couldn't cope at the time.  But no matter how great of an escape artist, one must still eventually reckon with whatever it is they lived through.
I don't always get the shrimp right but when I do, I have to brag about it.  That slight crispy outer crust with a big burst of juicy shrimpiness when you bite. Not hard but tender.  And then this amazing pesto sauce over zucchini veggetti was all Yes!
I don't want to miss out on any of this world's breath, even the hard parts.  I also don't want to be limited by the conventional means of understanding time or love or reality.  We have way too many restrictions on ourselves.  Why put them on our minds and hearts as well?
For me, time doesn't have a past or a future.  Reality is an illusion and love is infinite.
But damned if I won't find a way to be miserable half my days.

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