Sunday, March 29, 2015

When I Get to the Bottom, I Go Back to the Top of the Slide

In reconnecting with old friends I see a pattern of heartache and asswipes.  Misplaced affections for what on the surface appear to be cold blooded affection crushers.  I wonder what drives anyone to hurt another, to take more than they give, to engage so intimately with another and then drop them off on the side of the road to find their own way home, with no regard for their safety.  You grow up and figure you won't have to go through these dramatics again, as out of control feelings are connected with your juvenile self.  But it appears that no one is spared.
Do we have any control over the outcome truly?  Do we sometimes want to feel real emotion so badly that we create our own torture?  Do we need so deeply that we ignore all the signs pointing to the concrete?  Are all these folks on the other side armed assassins or worse, cluelessly and selfishly just rolling through life?  Have you yourself been one of these hoggish amour stealers consciously or not? It's easy to appraise your friends when they show their cards but if we honestly want to understand what drives the heart, it seems we need to look other places that exist no where near logic or common sense.  What draws us so closely to some people that we abandon all our sensibilities?  What do they bring to us that is so damn irresistible?  And is it even them bringing anything at all?
It continues to be a mystery if people choose to hurt us or we willingly walk into the fire and if so, does that make us brave, idiots, merely human or our own worst enemy?  Does it serve any useful purpose?
Regardless, many foods can aide the mend.  A soft scramble over bright greens.  This medallion of polenta sauteed in a bit of butter topped with cool pico de gallo can also put salve on the wounds.

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