Monday, March 9, 2015

Ina Gotta Da Feeda Now Baby, Don't You Know that I Love You!

Lemon Chicken is the right thing to do if a pack of chicken breasts shows up at your door.
And I'd trust Ina Garten with my last piece of chicken on earth.  She speaks good food logic to me with her cooking.  Her recipes are simple and to the point.  Love her.  Of course I don't have cable and only watch cooking shows when they come on Netflix but I stand behind my love of her.
And the bonus of doing a whole pack is the leftover meals.
One version over a semi-strange spaghetti and broccoli just dressed in the sauce that came together with a dash of soy sauce.
And the next night with roasted asparagus.
 I could imagine showing up at Ina's front door of her Westhampton Beach house with an armful of flowers and a good bottle of wine on a bright sunny day.  She'd be happy to see me and would have some special fabulous desert planned for later that we'd devour while relaxing on the veranda.

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