Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Second That Emotion

This was not my creation but one I would definitely do again.  Got the recipe from Woman's Day, however the ranch thing was my idea. Stuffed sweet potato with spinach, cumin seasoned black beans, juicy tomatoes and Greek non-fat yogurt mixed with about a tablespoon of powdered ranch dressing.
If you watch calories a stuffed baked potato is tricky because most of the obvious add-ons are not exactly slim choices.  Fake liquid cheese, sour cream, butter, bacon.  But this takes care of all that because for one, a plain potato is bland whereas the sweet potato already comes to the party with its own flavor and benefits.  The spinach and tomatoes provide lots of moisture.  They make sure nothing gets dry.  The beans bring the substance and spice and then the yogurt is concentrated to really make it all feels so decadent.  Invite these friends over the next time you want a potato party.

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