Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You and Me Til The Wheels Fall Off

When you're with someone for decades, you take on every role possible.  Little sister, bad roommate, best friend, comedic relief, mysterious stranger, freak in the next room, pet.  And there are cool things about much time spent together that you don't hear people speak of much, maybe because they're hard to explain.  Sure there's the finishing each other's sentences, which by the way doesn't happen to me.  P doesn't let me finish my sentences EVER! and often interrupts assuming he knows what I'm saying and he's usually dead wrong.  And I shudder to think what's gonna come out of his mouth next and would never speculate. But through time your transmission evolves to be more efficient.  At times I even fear P is not real at all but just another portion of my subconscious.  I see him walking around.  I think he's real.  I also feel he could be my male equivalent.  Like if I was a man, I would be a huge asshole I've already came to terms with that.  But I  see his struggles, even though they are very different from my own.
But an example, so this week we're both miserable about something, albeit grateful to be alive and know our plight could be a million times worse, just watch the news or listen to your friends.  We hear the song Pressing On from Bob Dylan's Saved album in a movie soundtrack or TV show, forget when.  Anyway separately and unbeknownst to each other, we both go off and listen to that album.  Fast forward a couple of days and he plays me 'Gonna Change My Way of Thinking' before work because he has to deal with so many assholes or what he perceives as such. So he grabbed onto that song's lyrics.  He talks to me about attitude and how that can change everything, something that will get him through that day.  I take that from him like a baton and try to consider his point while playing that album, 'Long Train Coming' a few times in a row mixing it with all the other stimulus that morning because I am also dealing with what I discern to be assholes.
Sometimes you need to be eased.  Sometimes your mate can't give it to you but what he gives you is a tool he found himself.  He doesn't even realize he's giving it to you because he's caught up in his own bullshit, but it does help and that's kinda cool!
I gave myself these comforting eggs with turkey sausage, tomatoes, onions, baby spinach coupled with these chili lime seasoned pinto beans with fresh jalapeno, cumin and oregano.

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