Friday, February 13, 2015

For Those About To Rock!

If I was really cool I'd have super tight relationships with all of my immediate family including their offspring now including my in-laws. I'm reaching for a partial on that one, in this lifetime anyway.  I'm the kind of person that is not capable of being true friends with a large quantity of people, but more a select hand picked small group.
So I was thrilled to correspond again with the spawn of my brother and one of my favorite nephews of all time. And best of all, he is a foodie!  I knew he had the passion for music and soul and heart of and actually IS an artist but to learn he shares the deep love and appreciation for food makes this monkey so happy and proud!
I recently shared a recipe for my green apple tomatillo salsa and within a few days he came back with photos!  And he used it one day for carnitas and then the next in a new way, cooked to make a chili verde sauce!  That's the way to do it with these gorgeous sauces, forget those little salt filled seasoning packets! Screw that and get with this!

By the pictures I suspect he may have what I call the Goldilocks principle.  My sister R has it and my mom has it.  They have the unique ability to season, temper and cook things 'just right' to where it hits some other level of awesome, of comfort, hits that sweet spot on your tongue, soul and everywhere in between.  

He can also make menudo which is like tamales, a right of passage of sorts in Mexican cooking.  I must salute his tenacity and bravery.  And he got the recipe from his dad.  How cool is all of this?!

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