Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Takes A Lot to Rock You Baby

Cauliflower Mock Lasagna.  Thin slices of cauliflower baked with a rich ragu sauce, cottage and parmesan cheese.  Good.  Light.  Kind of made me all quiet. Like when someone says something that hits you important when you're barely listening and you have to stop and pay attention.
This food is not vegetarian but it is trying to be healthy while also striving to be decadent.
We have a friend that when you play him a really good song or he hears great lyrics he gets this look on his face and starts reacting physically.  He strokes his beard and twirls his hair with urgency and perks up his eyes.  Sort of like he's staring into the sun or something bright that's not there. It's so awesome, when you can move someone or at least witness it.  After noticing he did that, I am now aware many of us have that feature but it comes in different styles.  When you're aroused out of your present state, its interesting to observe how you respond.  You can hardly get an emotional rise out of some people for the life of you.
While I was making this dish it was after work and I was pulling at strings, not at all confident it would be anything to talk about.  It wasn't a recipe, just something I thought might work.  And then when I tasted it, I surprised myself.
We have a sign in sheet at work because that's how freakin' busy it gets, just taking one person after another.  We get a lot of contractors that come each week.  Lots are super cool, lots are assholes.  This one guys signs the list as Dirty Sanchez.  It'd be funny every time if he wasn't one of the latter.  So the guy I'm working with is from Indonesia and doesn't know that term from shinola so he yells it out real loud and by the way his voice sounds distinctly like Latka from Taxi.  I was so stressed because we're mad busy and I'm working with Latka basically, not because he's foreign but because he's slow ass!  But I broke out of that mindset so quick when that happened and for a moment dove into happyland.  It's all you get sometimes.  These twinklings of cool.
I accept present reality but I really love all these other types of perspectives that you can go in and out of throughout the day.  Seems to occur when unexpected things happen.  Like this dish.

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