Saturday, February 21, 2015

And All I Have to do is Act Naturally

Crunchy Skinned Asian Chicken Breast, roasted, over sauteed cabbage and carrots. I was going for a pseudo Pad Thai made healthier with cabbage as the noodles. Just a slurry of soy, fish sauce and a dash of honey and lime to replace the tamarind paste.  Lots of roasted peanuts and green onions.
I used a bone in breast with the skin and made it extra crunchy by adding a bit of baking soda to the dry spices rubbed on top.  Great tip!  I would so make this again.  Baked at 425.
I splurged and got the good free-range chicken.  It came with a profile and picture. It seems Hershele, was raised by an upscale family and allowed to roam the perfectly manicured lawns of his home in Greenwich, Connecticut while dining on microgreens and hemp seeds.  After which he travelled extensively and later attended 4 years at the University of Montevallo.  After two failed marriages and a brief attempt at stand up comedy in New York City, he spent some time living on couches of friends before taking shelter in the shed of his brother's southern Indiana farm where he discovered his deep love of country music.  He took a brave crack at honoring his heroes with a series of cover albums.  Unfortunately, the debut release, 'Hershele does Buck' was met with ill reviews and his label quickly scrapped the project.  Never bitter, he finally decided to dedicate his life to 'being dinner'.
Oh wait, are all chickens girls??? If so, this joke doesn't work and should be disregarded.  

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