Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stoned Me Like a Jelly Roll

It was interesting to read the reviews of the 2015 Grammys and that anyone takes the time to so seriously review this show in the first place.  I've made a beautiful peace with musical award shows and it's freed me to enjoy the most mundane events. Simply dial down your expectations to 0.
I loved AC/DC. And why wouldn't you just choose to love on them?  Of course their new single sucks. They've sucked for several years.  It says more about you if they failed to blow you away with their new material.  Look again, they were amazing! Dwight.  Sigh, silence.....and end scene.  He's so damn boss, I can't even look at this picture without holding my hand in allegiance.  That Brandy Clark has a great way of dropping down way low during her chorus, which is very effective.  I would like her with just a few nips and tucks of her production. 
Tom Jones is like my handsome uncle, although for me that's a contradiction in terms.  I keep respect for him.  Way back in the 70s it was not unusual for my sister to dive in front of the TV to see him perform. I was just a pup so it would be a couple of years before I understood that level of reaction to the opposite sex.  I texted her immediately.
 Ed Sheeran reminded me of Van Morrison.  Do people say that about him?  I never heard him before.

When Prince walked out, I felt the world tilt a little on it's axis.  Got a lump in my throat and got a little weak.  These are the little gems that you shouldn't deprive yourself of by being a music snob.  Music is like food.  You can get the best food in the oddest places, you just need to say humble.
Annie Lennox mixed her meds that night and the results were just the right blend of crazy.
Paul McCartney was cute dancing to ELO, who by the way did sound kinda wondrous to me too.  I didn't feel any of that erratic Kimye Rihanna debacle.  Everytime I listen to Kanye, I try to erase all my preconceptions and find that genius people speak of but that's a quest that continues.  Not unlike my search for UFOs.
But the best part of the whole night was I was able to finally get my pantry in order.  I even have an international shelf!  Beans with beans, tomatoes of course have their own level, duh.

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