Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You're Having a Good Time Baby, But That Won't Last

Here we go again. Resolutions. A New Year. Good intentions. A fresh start. Big ideas. A chance for change. Women talking about gym memberships. Not just talking, actually getting in there and laying down the yearly fee. Going once and then maybe twice. After that, you don't hear so much talk.

I'd love to say I was above all of this silliness but I must admit, I make my little mental lists too. They don't vary too much. Be a better sister, daughter, and friend. All of which I make teeny tiny little baby steps in progress each year. Sometimes there are career or money making dreams in there. Start that food idea. Take a class in this or that. I stopped writing them down at least. I think doing that sabotages chances somehow. Although nothing seems to really work short of just doing it. But that's the stinker. If your dumb ass knew how to make these changes you would have tried them already, earlier in the year when it was warmer. No, something always gets in the way and it isn't winter or a calendar date. Truth is you need help. We should be writing lists of things we need help figuring out how to do. Now that makes sense!

So, after the list, the attempts and ultimately failure comes the feeling of inadequacy, weakness, defeat. It's a loser loses situation. You can't win. You gotta get out of this game I think. It's like one of them bad riddle puzzles or circus games.

I do think it's a positive ritual to make self improvement lists and refresh them each year. I just think we gals are tough enough on ourselves as it is. Maybe we need to modify the process a bit. Maybe aim a little lower? Hey, don't knock this idea. I think that America in general could stand to benefit from this type of thinking. What if we were #2? #2 is left alone, not so much pressure, doesn't cost as much to be #2. Why is everyone so obsessed with being at the tippy top all the time?

Or another idea that might work for women is to make short lists of things other people could use to change. I would be great at that! Women always see fault in others, it would take no time at all. And then on New Year's Day when everyone is all tired and hung over you could come round with your little hand outs.

You can always eat a little better though. I'd love to change out white rice with good wild rice but have you seen the prices on this stuff? At PathMark they like to bend you over for like 10 bucks a small package. Damn, maybe it's time to start eating twigs like Euell Gibbons! D'ja ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible. Hee hee. That never gets old.

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