Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here Comes My Girl

The first time I made this pork I wanted to kiss myself! And now every time I make it, I throw a kiss to Nigella Lawson. Afterall it's her recipe. I've always liked her from way back. She has the most beautiful face. A real woman's woman. And then she taped her cooking show in a way that a girl could understand. Standing at the fridge at night, peeling off a piece or slice of something fattening and getting pure joy out of it. Taking a pot of pasta to bed. Genius! She was brave and honest.

When she talked about food, you tasted it along with her. When she added her ingredients she had the knack of an immigrant grandmother. You felt the love, the intent. But she also didn't fuss too much, she got on with it. There wasn't the nonsense in her show, like spending time telling you how to chop an onion or silly details. This slow roast pork gets THE most spectacular crackling on it and you get the sort of bbq pieces on the edges but all the juicy succulent meat inside. It really is as good as it looks.

I noticed dark sauces are too menacing looking to be attractive to the eyes but this quick chili sauce was tasty over brown rice.

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