Tuesday, January 22, 2013

She's Like a Rainbow

When I shop for groceries I look for new fun exciting stuff that's on sale and save it like a squirrel to use for later. Like I had been storing a little booty of Asian ingredients. Cans of baby corn, bamboo shoots, etc.

So I also got a giant stalk of bok choi on sale that needed to be made. And ground turkey. Now one doesn't think of Asian necessarily with the ground turkey but I do remember being super surprised one time when trying a ground beef Japenese soup with Udon noodles in San Francisco. I went back to that place every chance I GOT to eat that soup it was so good. The broth was red.

So anyway, Bok Choi is a big vegetable - it takes up lots of space. So I did it in the wok. There is something about bok choi that is deeply satisfying. It has a high amount of vitamin A but I'm not sure if your body craves that at times. I just know when I eat it, a hole gets filled that is more than my appetite. Similar to broccoli rabe.

I added dried tomatoes for color and a touch of sweetness.

This was not only pretty but one of those dishes you have a hard time eating just one serving.

And of course I made of a huge vat of it.

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