Saturday, January 5, 2013

Because The Night Belongs to Us

After a solid breakfast, thoughts turned to dinner. Isn't that something? Sometimes this girl has got to fill some voids with food. I know P will be writing all night. I needed something. I needed creamy but also a bright taste. Arugula pesto pasta with baby spinach!

I used a whole wheat noodle but as we all know, the flavor is very different. You can't just put a great sauce on those and it all works out. Sometimes the after taste is way off. It doesn't compliment every sauce like regular pasta does.

So I boiled the pasta in chicken stock. This served two purposes. It gave me thickening cooking liquid to add for the sauce and that reduced the need for milk or cream and it also flavored the whole wheat itself.

Then I lightly sauteed the garlic for the pesto to concentrate the oil and also to give it a mellower tone. Lots of toasted walnuts and grated Parmesan cheese went in as well.

When I see green, I automatically get excited about food. So lots of fresh baby spinach went in at the end to give even more brightness.

At nightfall there was nothing left to do but shower this with more Parmesan and be happy.

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