Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day

It's so weird and almost cruel how somedays, mainly Mondays but Tuesdays too, can seem so horrible and wrong. Like your life has nothing pleasing in it. Work and the people and the situations are all things to dread. Yes, you're grateful to be alive and trying to keep the faith but secretly in your truthful mind you don't see the light at all.

Even your aparttment, the place that is normally a sanctuary is dirty and in need of so much. All you see when you look at it is crap you need to do.

But then, miraculously on a day off together the whole entire world becomes just fine, everything is in place and in order. If it's big deal. Life is good as my sister's husband says! Why am I so uptight all the time? My life as it is right now, is a beautiful place. The cats are stoic looking and picturesque in the sun. They are not puking up hairballs everywhere and I'm not cringing thinking of starting a new week. On a day off you can just rest and recognize that you did the best you could, the work is over. That break in the action changes the entire view.

Breakfast is perfect too. Eggs with lots of fresh vegetables and just a little cheese on top baked until fluffy.

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