Saturday, August 12, 2023

The Time Has Come For Me to Break Out of this Shell

I hauled my husband inside the Deniz Turkish Restaurant across the street instead of getting take-out as usual and it was delightful! The male waiters were attentive, helpful and the furnishings were gorgeous.  It's not so hard to get dressed and sit in a real place.  In fact, the experience becomes richer and oftentimes the food is better.  The mental experiment they called the lockdown really did a long-lasting number on my social anxiety but I'm slowing pulling out of it.
I had the MENEMEN: Turkish style scrambled eggs, chopped onion, tomato and sliced green peppers. This was creamy and tangy both.  Love it!
P ordered the: GYRO & EGGS Any style two eggs and lamb gyro, served with spinach tarator and shepherd salad.
The lamb was succulent and I instantly wanted to change my order, although mine was delicious. 
Later at the homestead, made a fall-off-the-bone simple baked chicken, seasoned only with salt and black pepper. 

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