Thursday, August 17, 2023

One More Cup of Coffee 'fore I Go

Wendy's Mock Skinny Shake
Highly enjoyable 
Creamier than you'd imagine
A new bakery opened up that makes fresh baked pizza slices. They put them in these pretty cake boxes.  They did have a next level taste, the crust was delicate, crispy and the right amount of chew. Delicious samplings but for the money, I think we'll stick with Not Ray's on the regular but can't wait to try their baked goods and get these for special occasions.

Dead fake flowers planted in a yard
This building gives year-round creeps.  Piano Lessons for your child?  No thanks!
After years of not, we finally hauled our asses to one of the last coffee shops in the vicinity and it did not disappoint.  Mike's Coffee Shop is that old fashioned diner with prices to match.  Older male waiters and food that comes out almost faster than you can order it.  There must be 20 guys working in that tiny place, plus a female cashier.  Needless to say, the service is efficient, the coffee is hot, and the vibe is perfect.

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