Monday, May 8, 2023

Two Tickets to Paradise

I had a sick puppy in the form of a 60 year old dude on my hands, and since just the suggestion of a virus gets me feeling queasy, I opted out of all my usual meal prep and did the unthinkable, ordered take out for both lunch and dinner.  You know, because it feels like the world just might end sooner than expected and hey, wouldn't it be horrible if I never had a local Smash Burger before we bit it?
The first indulgence was Smash Burger delivery with fries and tater tots.  Slightly less than our corner burgers but more fun choices and toppings.  This is only a couple of blocks away so we can walk to get them in the future, if there is one, when we're feeling better.

Deniz Chicken Kebab platters with tabbouleh and another with chicken soup.  This is enough to save for a small lunch the next day.  Even though the waiters are surly old fucks in this place, the food can be highly special and tasty.  But don't go ordering American food (and why would you?) because I learned the hard way, it is not their expertise. 

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