Saturday, May 27, 2023

Don't Give me No Shit Because I've Been Tired!

Castro's Mexican Breakfast
Chiliquiles, with a three-napkin hot sauce.  I ordered the extra hot because I didn't want the real Mexican waitresses to think I can't handle it, not that they'd care.  I was sweating and blowing my nose but I got through it and it was divine!  There is magic in a good red sauce that has a tangy flavor that powers through the heat.  I love much of the food here.  The menu is huge so of course not everything is special but much of it is.  I come for the food, and I like the vibe, mellow and easy. 

The waitresses always gloat on my husband but never ask me if I'd like a refill or more water, more napkins. They don't smile at me or make eye contact.  This is why I appreciate male waiters.  There's never any nonsense and they keep that glass filled.  But this time, she crossed the line when she asked if we wanted separate checks, which I thought was slimy but we got a kick out of it and it didn't stop me from ordering extra tamales to go.  I work crazy long hours and I'm exhausted.  All I want is a festive setting and good food.  I know there is amazing Mexican food in this town but this place is more like a small familiar taquerias in the west, even though it's tucked into the sketchy edges of Clinton Hill.  

Afterwards our neighborhood featured the Dance Afrika festival and had tons of cool stands set up with dresses & hats, figurines and art.  The food here should be out of this world but much of the time, the vendors are of the more carnival variety, not as special and pricey.  Although I'm sure there are several exceptions.  

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