Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Happy Not Knowing

Lettuce Wrap Bacon Cheeseburgers 
Burgers are not unique but they are usually exciting and satisfying.  You set out to make dinner and you might make 100 different things with the same ingredients.  I like no knowing until it happens.
Three people came to an appointment today to plan a kitchen where I work.  A young Mexican man, a gorgeous elderly Japanese woman and a very short, Jewish man with thick glasses who signed in as Doctor Abe.  The doctor introduced everyone by name but not by relationship.  I've learned it can be awkward if you ask the wrong question in these situations.  Men buying kitchens for their mistresses who I mistook for their daughter, things like that.  So I cautiously asked who was the decision maker and they all pointed to the woman.  However in asking for details, I learned the woman was dealing with the beginnings of dementia and began rambling about unrelated things.  I looked to the doctor for support but he said he had no say in this and refused to sit with us, instead he paced back and forth behind, chiming in only when the woman would make a decision, then he would pull her to the side berating her choices until she changed her mind.   I figured the Mexican was likely not the son, so while they were arguing, I asked if he was the contractor and to my relief he said yes.  Great!  But in further conversations with him I realized that he was not a good contractor and was figuring this out in real time but had already secured the job.  His measurements were way off and his math was worse than mine.  I helped them both as best I could without calling attention to their impairments.  Afterwards I asked who was buying and they pointed to the grumpy doctor.  The address was different then noted on his account and no one ever did say what his relationship was to the lady who kept calling me 'hey girl'.  Perhaps it was a secret, long lasting love affair or a debt owed.  She showed no affection but also was not bothered by the doctor's intense side bars to discuss handles and sink choices as if it was of global significance.  

At the register I thought to ask him a few questions to solve the mystery but instead after not speaking directly the entire time he turned his attention to me, asked what my nickname was short for, how long I had been working there and where I came from.  I handed him his receipt, smiled genuinely and said, Hey, enjoy your kitchen and have a great day.'  

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