Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Hey Now, You're an All-Star

Fairly Odd Tacos
I don't watch TikTok but one way or another, I am notified some random food recipe has gone viral, like these smash burger tacos. I was intrigued enough to try them immediately.  I had tortillas and ground beef and decided to make a pickled cabbage and corn slaw for the top.  Refreshing and delicious!  Here is my inspiration video link, courtesy of Blackstone Griddles. 

Yes, they look like tostadas now but when you pick them up, they are foldable but also super crunchy.
And somehow because the cabbage made me think Asian, I made some excellent garlicky Sesame oil Sauteed Green Beans to serve alongside
Nothing has to make perfect sense anymore. (in my head, anyway).  And you really have to work with what is available and fresh.  These work for me.  Also, I did mine on a stovetop griddle pan and this works just as well. 

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