Tuesday, February 15, 2022

If Your Time to You is Worth Saving

Roasted herbed-up Chicken drumsticks and what I'll call Coleslaw Hash.  Potatoes, onions, apples, cabbage grated and fried up with an egg as binder.  Think stir fry using potatoes instead of rice.  Lots of black pepper, soy and garlic pepper sauce to finish.  Loved this.  This could be a full One Pot meal by adding Brussels sprout shavings and ground turkey.
By watching cooking TikToks and shows, I guess cooking has taken a step in evolution through this pandemic as we all have.  People like shortcuts and even when you love to cook, using one pan or less clean up is an optimal use of our time.  No one wants to spend more time cleaning up.  Getting your vegetables, grains and protein into one pan is nothing short of genius.   Another benefit of the One Pot wonder is you can box it up for work lunches, something I will spend more time highlighting here in the coming weeks. 

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