Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Tumbling Blindly as They Make Their Way Across the Universe

Nightmare Alley Movie at Alamo Drafthouse in Manhattan from my favorite director Guillermo del Toro. 
Giant Cheeseburgers and fries later from a local eatery
Tender Fried Calamari

Partially desolate scenes from Manhattan on a Wednesday morning.

The best gift was the universe mocking the carnival atmosphere of the movie with a coincidentally empty theater to ourselves to watch the brilliant matinee in an equally uninhabited feeling high-rise building where you enter via 3 giant white walled abandoned lobbies down escalators to one lone ticket taker pointing us down to yet another floor.  Here, unlike the Brooklyn theater, you press a button and hot coffees and treats are served to you by crouching ninjas like magic from some undisclosed location.  Dreamlike craziness that was highly enjoyable. 

As a new traditional I pose with gifts sent from friends and family and send the pics back to them, to thank them and also because we often wonder what the actual thing looks like in real life when we shop online, so it serves two purposes.
60th Birthday 

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