Tuesday, February 22, 2022

California Dreaming on a Winter's Day

Cooking can be like any other creative project, if you approach it with the intent of exploring and inventing.  This is just one of many luxuries we might take for granted here.  The ability to play with our food as art. I count myself lucky to have an interest that serves not just an everyday purpose but one I can also lose myself in.  
Shrimp Lettuce Tacos
Spicy shrimp on lettuce leaves doesn't sound all that impressive but there is a skill to getting the shrimp charred without overcooking.  It's fun to add color with vegetables but using ones that will compliment, not just look good.  With lettuce tacos, romaine works well because it's sturdy at the base.  Shrimp is a solid choice because they line up along the seam and stay within the fold while eating.  Experimenting is fun and I try not to look at imperfections as failure, only another opportunity to get it right next time.  In hindsight, a white salty cheese may work better and this was begging for some red onion, but otherwise not a bad attempt at adding a little springtime to this cold, otherwise uneventful, winter day. 

Coming up from the subway, on this icy 2/22/22 and my sister's view below.

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