Monday, February 21, 2022

Believe Me When I Tell You

Diner Split lunch - Turkey Burger Deluxe and a Patty Melt with Fries and Coleslaw
When they get it right, there is nothing better than diner food.  The crisp on the hottest of salted fries, the perfect mound of coleslaw and the pickle wedge.  A Patty Melt is the perfect lunch that you can order on a trip as far as your mind goes.  Unfortunately, for your health, the choice would be much different.  This had me wondering, what kinds of lunch meals could compete with the classic burger and fries platter, for work, that could please the mind and the body.  I am tasking myself with creating easy, amazing boxed lunches for work that feel the way this plate did but with healthier ingredients. 
Did you ever make yourself a promise?  If you did, did you ever consider who is the you, making the promise and who is the you, you're making it to? And if you don't follow-through, who is to blame and who is the victim, if anyone?  And if it really is all just thoughts, as many believe, do the results matter or make any difference in the world whatsoever?  I like to believe the answer is yes. 

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