Friday, February 25, 2022

Wrap it Up, I'll Take It

In the winter, my sister in Colorado sets up what she calls her bird cafe.  She puts seed and water out on her porch and bird bath.  All the little ones come to feast on cold winter days.  At night the deer might come and she'll set out pieces of potato or fruit, leftovers.  In the morning flocks of geese, like loud party goers will overtake her yard by the dozens and eat and poop, leaving a mess for her to clean up afterwards.  

I too run a lunch crowd and small business in that I am preparing meals in containers for anytime eats.  I work varied hours and can now leave prepared boxes of one portion meals for anytime.  People with children most likely have already evolved to this modern way of dining, but I am slow to obvious ideas.  But it's been a game-changer.  The concept is, when time allows, I make pots or sheets of a protein and vegetables, then pair it with a grain, box it up and freeze a couple and leave a couple in the fridge for an anytime meal.  This way there is a never-ending source of dinner options and variety.  Below is shrimp with red peppers over barley.  
While other grain prices have sky-rocketed, barley remains super affordable.  You can add herbs and seasonings, cook it in broth.  It has a toothy bite and yet a comforting soft exterior.  Barley provides fiber, protein and micro-nutrients and is budget friendly.

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