Friday, July 16, 2021

Give Me Some Sugar, My Little Honey Bee

The easiest recipe from a 

I played around with this wonderful recipe.  Because it makes an abundance of amazing juices, I figured why not give it something to soak them up, other than serving over rice, which is a viable option.  Lackluster canned Cannellini beans become glorious baked beans in this Honey Garlic Chicken party.  Use the Crock Pot to avoid heating up the kitchen.  Add tons of chili garlic sauce to give it kick.  Brown the chicken first to 
 keep it succulent.  

How to eat less meat while your mate goes full on carnivore?  A solution to this recurring problem is to find a way to transform the vegetable or grain side into lunch meals. I'd make a pot of something to last a few meals, save time, all good, only to find all the meat was gone and suddenly it was no longer a doable dinner option.  So now, what's been working is after the initial meal, I separate the meat and I supplement the vegetable or grain.  For example, I added kale and roasted cashews to these flavorful beans. Its surprising how delicious homemade food can taste in a work environment.  Why not allow it to go where it's appreciated?    

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