Saturday, July 31, 2021

Eh Cumpari, Ci Vo Sunari, Can You Dig It? (Yes I Can)

Another long walk, this time out to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  These new waterfront parks are both amazing and odd.  It feels safe, clean and of another time.  Everything is new and people lay on the grass as if city rats aren't steadily living on it all night.  Families leave their bags on the sides of fields as if no one will come along and steal them.  

Instead of wall to wall bodies, we found the park inhabited but more like that of a small town.  
Braving the river waters on small boats is both new and freaky.
A class of young men with an instructor doing some sort of martial art training
The tiny 'beach' at Pier 4. Its always fascinated me to be where water hits the land particularly in this city.
We sat and envisioned these yachts probably housing the two Bennifer families 
They even have sandy volley ball courts 
Soccer game with a surly goal tender

The one thing the park doesn't have is food vendors.  We passed Grimaldi's, Shake Shake and a few other tourist traps for brunch before finding this retro diner from another dimension and time (1983) as well, called Park Plaza.  First of all it's a stand alone building with a hi-way sized sign, a giant family-owned oasis with outdoor seating for breakfast complete with doting manager, scurrying waiters and a genuinely mixed Brooklyn crowd.  Brooklyn can be a magical treasure hunt of adventure if you like to walk. 

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