Saturday, July 17, 2021

Yo Sho'Nuf Do Be Cookin', In My Book

Burger Quesadillas 
One million years ago I went to lunch at The Evergreen diner in Times Square for 8 years.  There I discovered the cheeseburger BLT and I thought I might be in Heaven! Actually, that's what New York was at that time, a food heaven.  I felt as though laws were being broken, as it could not be legal to have both unique, delicious sandwiches together in one plate with coleslow, fries and a pickle. Pinch me!  Similarly, I made these cheeseburger quesadillas that were crispy and melty, with tomatoes and onions inside but then the juicy burger bite all seasoned up making it a glorious refreshing take on dinner.  
Another New Yorker, on the brain lately is, Jennifer Lopez.  This happens occasionally with celebrities, where they will take advantage of every media outlet to force you to pay attention to their ridiculously, glamorous lives.   First of all, my news feed is inundated with multiple pics of Jen on the beach, with her Zoolander Blue Steel focus, or kissin' on Ben Affleck, in love...again.  I can't help but consider this woman slash celebrity, who we mainly know now not by her musical talents, but fashion choices and her documentation of intense whirlwind love affairs.  She's the modern day Liz Taylor.  She is gorgeous, aging very well and I would say a successful (in the material world) businesswoman made more impressive by her humble Jenny-from-the-block beginnings.  Taking the 6 train, from the Bronx, Puerto Rican, all great New York things.  But with all of that, if you're like me, starting to form opinions that she may also suffer from a belief in fairy tale love.  

Who knows, it might be all worth it, to experience that heightened drive and drunk-ish infatuation with another human, if only for a short period.  But some of us out here are doing serious relationship time, hard time.  And we can't help but feel just a little insulted by this portrayal of 'true love'.  This may be a great fit as they were already drawn together earlier in life but the timing apparently wasn't right.  There was enough of a pull to come together again, so many years later.  Regardless, you know the sex is good at least.

I showed P pics of her in a bikini, stating she's 52.  Although I was gonna go off on how older women celebrities post bikini selfies that seem slightly desperate to me, (I'm talking to You Elizabeth Hurley!) he immediately shouts out, 'Doesn't she know there is NO WAY she can compete with younger women anymore'.  Oh.  Really?  Well, his reaction was so honest and quick that it shut me right up.  The words echoed back later, over and over... and over...She can no longer compete.  She, Jennifer, abs-of-steel, golden, round, natural assed- Lopez, has no chance?  Wow, really babe?  So many thoughts.  

HARD time, I tell ya.  A real relationship is when your mate says words that inadvertently kill your spirit but then you immediately brush it off because you remember he's just some dumb monkey incapable of being self aware.  As people, given the chance to spout off, much of what comes out of our mouths is a lot of bullshit, and I do include myself in this.  Um, so, no I believe you Jen, I'm just saying, Live with a human 30 years and then come back to me with these same romantic tales of finding the one. 
P finally painted the apartment as promised - Blue in bedroom and another shade in tiny kitchen, a more subdued light tea green in living room.  A great way to make a fresh start in an old, stale apartment. 
Sister Rach's Hollyhocks and backyard view in Colorado
My teeny tiny kitchen painted another blue, with removed old brown cab doors to mock open shelving, painted black doors  and also painted ancient rusty fridge , a fun mint green.  


  1. Cheeseburger Quesadillas! Yum! Ive been over Jlo since she was messing with Diddy.

    1. Hi! Yeah, that was a keeper idea that could grow into even more spectacular (cheeseburger quesadilla)!
      Jlo should come on to both of you and I bet your balls would melt on the spot, youd be so beside yourselves! ☺️😃😂😂😂
      Whatcha cooking lately?

  2. Ive been ding a lot of stuff in the air fryer. Wings, Chicken legs, chops. Overdue to make chili, but thats more of a cold weather food for me.


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