Friday, July 9, 2021

Sprinklin' the Scene, Makes it all Clean, When I Think of Home

Newly painted bedroom walls required each item in the room to be wiped down, properly cleaned and dusted, including my collection of Homies who received a nice bubble bath along with the only relics I've kept in the present, including my rubber stomach given to me by my doctor for my first ulcer at 16.  The ulcer, either the price paid for early bad habits or from the cause of them.  I've kept the toy organ as a trophy, because the doctor made such a big fuss as if I had done something incredible developing a bleeding ulcer so early in life.  
The great thing about fresh paint is the new beginning even if you have to look at and consider all the old dirt.  A super quick pantry chili for dinner needed to be good enough for the day, and it was.

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