Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Going for the One

Cravings are odd.  I just had to have refried, cheesy beans and sauced up rice today.  Out of all the fun foods to make for myself, there was nothing other than this for me on this day.  So yes, it's just a can of beans, to some, but first I toast the cumin, add minced garlic and onions, then as they become warmed through, I add a nice mild cheddar, a little sour cream. It all melts until it becomes creamy.  I whipped up some Mexican rice and added a ridiculous amount of homemade hot sauce, then used these low carb tortillas. like Nan, to scoop up every last morsel sans fork.  Eating food in the Indian style is sensual and different.  Opposite to different actually, it feels, correct.

It was very satisfying, and way too heavy but that's the point during these days, to indulge in impractical food fantasies that are specific only to me. 

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