Saturday, August 28, 2021

We've Come Too Far to Leave It All Behind

It has become a tradition that when P leaves for a road trip, I must make a pot of comforting either girly pasta or this, my sister's famous meat and mushroom sauce.   Again, this is something we made growing up that was 'ours' alone, meaning my folks were both big cooks but never ever did they ever make pasta.  When sister broke out with this back when, I was in love at first bite!  Tangy, spicy, silky noodles!  I'm in, and have been and will be forever.  I make it when alone because it gives me comfort.  Makes me feel love and remember what it felt like to have sisters living within minutes away that I could go visit.  It seems like a dream now.  A world where I could get in my car, drive to my sisters's, eat amazing spaghetti, drink a few beers, get stoned, then drive home safely.  And this could happen whenever we felt like it, for a long period of time.  Now, none of my sisters are near.  Currently, communication with T is nil, nada, zilch, goose egg.  She wants nothing to do with me.  How does that happen?   How could I let something that cool slip away?

Back here in the now, being solo, I'm noticing different things in my path.  The nativity scene at the Red Hook church that I ride past, that was never taken down now has the baby Jesus strewn up on the roof of the manger and stays there to this day.  I wondered at first if it was vandalism, now thinking it may be intentional to show His rising.  The whole scene is most unusual.  
At work we're supposed to give people a QR code so they can 'rate us'.  They post it on a web page and also on the big screen in the back hallway.  Green means you did good, red is a bad, dissatisfied customer.  As a store, they affect our overall approval ratings and bonuses, allegedly.  It's something I refuse to do, because it feels demeaning.   But someone snuck in there and I found it hysterical that their comment was that I'm 'easy to spend time with'.  That might be the biggest compliment I've ever received actually and certainly lately.  Tombstone worthy perhaps. 

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