Sunday, August 29, 2021

So Let Me Uplift and Shift My Gift

Bacon and eggs.  Simple and perfect.
My friend was mentioning how we used to be cool, as we joked about being up in arms paying full price for seeing bands these days.  Comparing the difference in our lives from 20-30 years ago is a popular topic among my sister, as well as other girlfriends.  You can't help but center on the vast differences at times.   Well, I certainly remember having more money than I needed and my choice of footwear most definitely was more attractive.  Gone are the days of throwing myself into a cab after a free show, after drinking free drinks all night, after possibly being treated to a free meal at a nicer restaurant than I'd usually afford.  I have several friends that came from this music industry era, some still in it.  We definitely had a longer run than most, a stalled moment in time that was unique and special.  We stayed at that perfect age where it was appropriate to be so self absorbed and careless.  Each night we'd lap up all the fun the night had to offer and often were the ones to put it to bed. 
This week, I spent too many hours deciding if I should buy tickets for my current favorite artist coming to town and my answer was no because I desperately need new sneakers, a rain jacket, and assorted other items that are essential to living more happily.   I could afford it but practical reasons prevent me from being frivolous too often.  Its good to miss being frivolous.   
Yesterday, I got excited to take a solo walk stone sober in the morning hours and I even stopped to take a picture of this new bakery and boutique made just for pets!  Truth be told I'm a thousand times more chill and relaxed now, which I believe makes me even cooler than before. 

My friend is also a super neat lady, to use an out of date term, who now owns chickens in Nashville and sends me pics of them and even let me name one once.  
This was Vivian, the chicken.  When alive, she loved chasing bugs, being independent, a true loner, like me. Actually, she might not have died but just flown the coup.   

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