Saturday, December 9, 2017

Can't Stop The Sun From Shining

Chicken con Enchilada Sauce
You can't help but be happy that many of these power hungry perverts are being outed right now.  It's shocking that every time we log in, there is a new top dog being taken down.  They reap what they sow and even though no one wants to believe it, a lot of otherwise cool talented people are guilty of atrocious acts.  Yep, if you want to look at it as people are bad or good then amid the knights in shining armor, there lurk creepy villains. But the way I see it, the ultimate offender here is still greed, corruption and power. That's not to say the predators themselves are not guilty of their own serious violations. But if you fix one, the other doesn't have a breeding ground.
We're surely living in the upside down right now.  While we're being made more aware of the most vile acts and people, the rest of us are just out here floundering. Being fed our daily dose of insanity.  And suddenly the hive mind feels its our job to decipher guilt instead of proper judge and jury. Peoples fate is on the line and we just click in like its Amazon Prime.  Kinda dangerous dontchathink?  Um, my husband only reads headlines.  People don't have the attention spans to be properly informed, not the majority.

I'm trying to be more loving, not solve the problems of the entire world.  Regardless, today I was feeling way too good to decide if someone should be sent to the guillotine. Somewhere on the lighter end of all this criminal darkness that I have no problem fully believing exists but certainly don't want to spend all day thinking about, lies some comedy.  You just have to laugh otherwise you'll go absolutely mad.

We have levels here to be prioritized.  I think rape is top of that list.  Down towards the bottom is dropping trow and groping in public places.  I mean some people have no self awareness.   These knuckleheads believe that their pecker is a handsome gift to women and that presenting it in full bloom is an act of consensual courtship. Sort of like when your cat leaves a dead mouse in your slipper.  It's a horrible thing right?  But not to your loving kitty.  To these particular men I give a pass and only if they quickly retaliate when its made clear the token is unwanted.  If the intent however misguided is not aggressive or dangerous then this is not about predation but serious misreading of the situation, women and the world.   For these men pulling out their boon, standing there all proud of themselves is clearly a tribute of sorts.  And maybe these blokes are just as surprised as we are that junior is met with such abhorrence.
I realize this is probably not the time to show compassion or make jokes, as its very important that rape and abuse of power is dealt with in a serious manner that also deters future criminals.  But intention is a major factor and must be considered with matched gravity.  Again, convict and fire the lot if indeed they all crossed that line.
I take liberties all the time with my food.  My mom's Enchilada sauce braised over chicken thighs in a lidded casserole. The chili flavor went deep into the sauce and it came out rich and fabulous.  I made it festive and attractive with cool crisp lettuce, tomato, cheddar and onions.  You are what you eat they say.
Yes, we've uncovered some real unacceptable characters for sure, some worse then others.  But lately I worry that we're creating more by our constant mass focus on stupidity and shallow subject matter.  Conceding to an agenda that is not our own.  We have moved too far from our inherent individual intellect. After a year of centering on what's horribly wrong with everyone else it may be a good time to shift our collective spotlights inward and get them off the grotesque.

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