Thursday, December 7, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

That line always stayed with me, "How tiny those seeds were, and yet they know they're supposed to grow up to be lettuces".  Yes Marilyn, that's exactly the way I feel about the Christmas cactus.  No matter if this plant is on the verge of death, it blooms every year and in December, usually nearer to the holiday.   It wasn't Christmas week but I don't want to split hairs here. That's still pretty impressive.  How does it know?  What tells it to bloom?  Real intelligent life is all around us.
In addition to slowly killing this cactus, I'm trying my best to raise these two little fellers on the far right who rode back from Indiana in a red Dixie cup, sideways.  Then they were forgotten for a few days in the cold before they were gifted to me.  I don't do that well with plants only because I tend to forget they are living things....that need attention and water.  Somehow I've managed to keep some on life support for ages, a steady diet of neglect and soot from Fulton Street.
P surprised me with a whole pizza pie from Lean Crust Pizza on this night.  It was very cold, I got off late so I was super grateful.  But we never order a whole pizza.  We get slices, because they're so fancy and unique, taste incredible and the variety is such a huge treat.  This was of course delicious because it's pizza but not the dream that the slices tend to be when you get separately.  The crust was fluffier, doughier but still very good and managed to taste very light.  In fact we packed that whole pie away in no time.

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